Grow, Gather, Hunt, Cook. 

Rohan Anderson, folks. Read and weep here 

A beautiful heart that shares. Happiness is real when it is shared. This fellow instilled the commotion of living as self-sufficient as possible, growing your own food and the philosophies behind it all. Not struggling, living. Recently, he went on tour in the U.S. to simply connect with others-repeatedly through posts, he mentioned he just desired to connect.

Rohan Anderson had a clogged heart filled with the stresses of a greed, corrupting business world. The poison didn’t kill his soul. He woke up and started living one day, planting desires that lie deep within me. Quitting the life in which he was dormant, on ‘auto-pilot’ and transforming it into this beautiful one is rather inspiring. Change is frightening, especially when it is of the polar opposite lifestyle.

A life lived well-he chose that. Nothing fancy, nothing extravagant. Real.

What makes you joyous?

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